“If you think you can, or can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

Literally every single person that I meet and tell “our story” to has the exact same response….

Once I tell them (friends – new and old, family and mostly strangers) that I quit my job, sold nearly all of our possessions and bought a camper to travel the country with my family, they will say, “wow! That’s so cool! I wish I could do that.”

I usually just write their reply off as obligatory, friendly small-talk, and I explain that it was an extreme lifestyle change but it took an extreme trauma as the catalyst for the move. Here in this format however, I’d like to explore and challenge the response that “I WISH I COULD DO THAT!”

First off, if you really do wish you could do that, why don’t you? I interpret that answer to mean you “can not do what you want to do.”

I have a real affinity for solution finders with positive attitudes. When I used to conduct interviews to hire my staff, the number one thing that I eliminated candidates on was when they told me the reasons that they could not do something. I wanted my team to tell me why and how they could do something better if they could try this or that instead of the current situation. Now removed from the corporate world, I still think that’s an important characteristic in life. I challenge the mindset that leads people to casually state that they can’t do what they want.

Henry Ford hit the nail on the head when he stated, “If you think you can do something or if you think you can not, you’re right.”

Sure, there are always exceptions, but the citizens of America and the world for that matter, have many, many freedoms. Do not take them for granted by caging yourself into a life that you don’t want to be in because of self-inflicted binds. Family situations, home payments, work restrictions, debt obligations, etc. It all comes down to this….if you REALLY want to do something different, then you can do it. Change whatever you need to change to make it happen because I promise you this life is short and unpredictable. If you try something new and don’t like it, you can always go back to “the old way”, but no one ever lie on their death bed and regretted the time they spent with loved ones or the adventures they enjoyed together. None of us know when our time will end, but I challenge you to dwindle your list of things you always wish you did down, and start now.

Here is the most updated map of my family’s “Victory Over Cancer Tour”. Which began last May when my wife got out of the hospital and we began checking off our bucket list destinations…

mapping our travels 11.3

Since October we’ve visited:

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor, ME

Plymouth Rock, Cape Cod and Boston, MA

Hershey, Carlisle, Gettysburg, PA

New York City, NY and Trenton, NJ

Pocomoke City, Delmarva drove across the Chesapeake Bay bridge/chunnel, visited NASA

Washington DC, Shenandoah National Park, Asheville, NC and Smoky Mountain National Park, TN

Atlanta, Ga, Jacksonville, FL and now staying in Jessup, GA at Emerging Leaders College TC) IMG_8268

Little Round Top at Gettysburg NP
Little Round Top at Gettysburg NP


I love NY!
I love NY!

IMG_8497 IMG_8623 IMG_8812

Shenandoah National Park sunset
Shenandoah National Park sunset
Smoky Mountain National Park
Smoky Mountain National Park
Coca-Cola World tour in Atlanta
Coca-Cola World tour in Atlanta

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