Find your mountain:

The saying, “Find your beach.” has been popularized by Corona Extra as their marketing slogan over the past few years. It’s a smart and effective Ad campaign. Those three words project senses of happiness, relaxation and fun – which consumers now associate with Corona. This leads to new rationales (justifications) for the masses to purchase and consume these citrus-holding cervezas, and allows InBev to charge an extra dollar per six-pack…….all of this of course, leads to a hefty bonus for the marketing executives, but I digress………

I’ve created my own “slogan” for our journey. FIND YOUR MOUNTAIN.

While I may have found a few “beaches” along our journey, far more impactfully, I’ve found a peace and closeness with the Lord that I realize is only possible in the mountains.

Olympic National Park - Washington
Olympic National Park – Washington

Mountains are absolutely humbling. The sheer size and enormity of them will literally take my breath away. When you think about the amount of time and force that was required to create these land masses that are 3-miles high up above the clouds blows my mind. The beauty and peace that comes over me when I feel the cool wind hit my face after it whips up a bowl and I smell the pine needles and snow caps is indescribable. But there is more to it than that….

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 14 years old while sitting around a campfire looking out over the Rocky Mountains. I was on a Summer Youth Life trip to Colorado and after hearing an emotional speech by a youth pastor named Brian Mansker, I went off to hide the tears in my eyes. So in the dark, I climbed to the top of the nearest peak and sat looking out over the white capped mountains around me. Without knowing what exactly to say, I just started talking out loud to God, and asking for Christ to enter my life. I bumped into a friend and mentor, Mark Cowsert on my way back to camp, who helped answer my questions and provided the guidance to say the “salvation prayer”. Still to this day, if I am truly deep in prayer – so deep that I imagine myself in a face to face conversation with Jesus – I picture myself on a (that) mountain top with the Lord.

Mt. Shasta - California 14,180 ft
Mt. Shasta – California
14,180 ft

The Bible mentions mountains over 500 times. Part of that is because of the mountainous regions that the books from the Bible were set. However, I believe that God knows we are prideful, forgetful and easily distracted. A key component of prayer is humility, and a 6-foot tall, fragile human body that lives for maybe 80 years, standing on a 15,000 foot mountain of rock that was carved over hundreds of thousands of years by rivers, wind, glaciers and lava is certainly humbling.

It’s even more humbling to realize that our God who created all of that breathtaking beauty as far as your eyes can see, also created thousands of other mountain ranges around the globe; and also created millions of other solar systems, each of which has dozens of planets that are each filled with their own forms of beauty that is unimaginable (Psalm 147:4)…

stars by name Psalm 147.4

– that same God created, and cares for ME. (Jeremiah 1:5)

Jeremiah 1.5

I’ve been blessed to visit some of the most beautiful mountain ranges that our nation has to offer over the past 2 months…

Crater Lake (atop Mt. Mazama) Oregon
Crater Lake (atop Mt. Mazama) Oregon
Mt. Rainier - Washington
Mt. Rainier – Washington
RMNP - Colorado Father, Son, Mountains
Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado


Glacier National Park - Montana
Glacier National Park – Montana
Olympic National Park - Washington
Olympic National Park – Washington
Grand Tetons - Wyoming
Grand Tetons – Wyoming

This trip around the country that we’re on is fanatical and unique but it doesn’t require that level of extreme to FIND YOUR MOUNTAIN. It requires you to: 1) unplug, 2) change your routine and 3) get outdoors.

Remember the visual image from the Corona commercial that shows the smiling office staff finding “their beach” on the urban patio – you don’t have to travel to Colorado, but go to your place of peace and serenity so you can “find your mountain”.


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